40 North is thrilled to announce the Signature Image for the 2023 Boneyard Arts Festival! After evaluating 70+ outstanding submissions, a panel of local arts professionals selected EKAH’s Salmagundi (graphite and digital painting), to be the signature image of the 2023 Boneyard Arts Festival! The Boneyard Arts Festival signature image is featured on all festival registration materials, posters, postcards, billboards, print and online advertising, as well as on the cover of the Boneyard Arts Festival quick guide.

“2023 is the Year of Black Rabbit in the lunar calendar. The color black symbolizes water in five cardinal colors. There was a time when I was timid about using vibrant colors in my art. The past several years of personal tribulations have given me a renewed appreciation for my heritage and the Korean traditional colors that were a part of my childhood. The painting is an amalgamation of homage to my heritage as well as the process behind the work. The piece reminded me of quilt work or motley of memories. I decided on “Salmagundi” to represent the this-and-that nature of the piece.”


I am a South Korean-born artist who grew up in New York City. My work tells stories visually through the old and the new – drawing, animation, optical illusion, and interactive art. I create worlds that are inhabited by characters and environments that may be surreal, absurd, dystopian, or even beautiful. They may be as big as the universe or as small as a petri dish. Part of my work is influenced by growing up in a multicultural environment. The propensity to deviate from expectations and curiosity for things unknown drive the evolution in my work. I work with all media and am agnostic when it comes to tools and styles. https://steampunkgrub.art/