40 North is thrilled to announce the Signature Image for the 2024 Boneyard Arts Festival! After evaluating 80+ outstanding submissions, a panel of local arts professionals selected Yeong Choi’s Life-Bull_8 (oil on canvas), to be the signature image of the 2024 Boneyard Arts Festival! The Boneyard Arts Festival signature image is featured on all festival registration materials, posters, postcards, billboards, print and online advertising, as well as on the cover of the Boneyard Arts Festival quick guide.

“The artwork “Life-Bull_8” is a portrait that aims to reveal the strength emanating from the bull’s form, coupled with the inherent beauty of nature. It resonates with my essence, mirroring the beauty in my authentic self, as if ready to charge forward. It symbolizes not only the bull but also the intertwining of humanity and myself, expressing the essence of life.”




Yeong Choi

Yeong Choi is an experienced painter based in the US who has exhibited her work in South Korea, Israel, and North America. Inspired by life in all its forms, she explores the interconnectedness of living beings, portraying the vitality of bull one minute and abstract representations of her inner world the next. Overall, she dances effortlessly between the expressive and the abstract to achieve a body of work full of diversity and independent spirit. Yeongshin Choi | Saatchi Art