Kelly Hieronymus W

Kelly Hieronymus W

I am fascinated with the world from above; from the sky each corner of our world is unique. The land shifts and morphs as a result of agriculture, natural forces, and the effects of mankind, resulting in sad but beautiful places. Sometimes change occurs as a result of years of action, other times it is sudden and without warning. My interests lie where the change is most dramatic: salt flats, suburban spread, deforestation, and agriculture. I hope that people take away from my work that there is an unrecognized beauty in every detail of the land. Although our situation is dire, there remains wonder in the healing power of nature and an opportunity for rebirth and rejuvenation. I hope that my work inspires others to explore the world from a new vantage point, find beauty in what they see, and strive to protect it.

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Gallery 112

Group exhibit featuring works in sculpture, papier-mâché , acrylic, steel, urethane, Plexiglass, aluminum, resin, and light. Al Creamean (Neurotik) Crystal Hartman Damaris Sky EKAH Gregory Stallmeyer Kelly Hieronymus Whiting Nathan Westerman Rob Vermillion William C. Baker Friday: 4pm-8pm Saturday: Noon-8pm

807 Haines Boulevard

‘Sowing and Sewing’ A three person exhibition by Krystal Kay Lyon, K. Hieronymus W. and Jan Brandt Summary: Colorful works rooted in the three artist’s instinctual need to grow and nurture. Krystal Kay Lyon– using recycled materials, the artist creates fiber art sculptural portraits of women whom have influenced her. Oftentimes the artist secretly tucks notes and talismans inside the