Gregory Stallmeyer

Gregory Stallmeyer

    Gregory Stallmeyer

    Gregory Stallmeyer of GS Customs Studio was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois. He studied Art at Parkland College in the 1980s, and decided to combine his passion for cool old cars and painting. Through the resulting business, GS Customs, he received national acclaim for his design and refinishing skills. Greg has recently decided to concentrate his energy into making art. He is currently working primarily with aluminum, resin and water borne automotive paint. His medium and finishes are reminiscent of his automotive background, but his work is ever evolving.


    My work doesn’t start off with a meaning , just a vision. It is during the flow generated by the creative process that the essence is revealed. Beneath the Surface  is about carving away at your outer shell and reaching your authentic self . This piece was created during a time of profound change and learning to trust in myself as an artist. And the journey continues.



    Gallery 112

    Group exhibit featuring works in sculpture, papier-mâché , acrylic, steel, urethane, Plexiglass, aluminum, resin, and light. Al Creamean (Neurotik) Crystal Hartman Damaris Sky EKAH Gregory Stallmeyer Kelly Hieronymus Whiting Nathan Westerman Rob Vermillion William C. Baker Friday: 4pm-8pm Saturday: Noon-8pm

    74 Customs

    Prepare for an immersive experience hosted at the shop of 74 Customs. Rob Vermillion, with 74 Customs, will be featuring his own art and custom motorcycles/bicycles at the show as well as a hand-picked curation of paint, woodwork, weld art, sculpture, and kinetic art. Featuring work by: Gregory Stallmeyer Tim Summerville Rob Vermillion Carol Alison Gary Keeler Barry Land James